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Moving To Another Telecoms Provider

Moving To Another Telecoms Provider Perform a quick "sanity check" to make sure the deal you're getting is genuinely better than what you have with us.

  • Are You Consolidating?  Don’t forget we also provide phone systems, business mobiles and business broadband services, as well as calls and lines.
  • Are You Still in Contract?  Check your contract length to ensure there are no cancellation fees. Call us and we’ll let you know your telecoms contract status straight away.
  • Got a Better Deal?  Make sure you have a proposal in writing, then check through it in detail: Are there any call set-up fees? Minimum call charges? Unreasonable notice periods? Minimum bill total expenditure? Genuine 3-digit billing? Any catches in the Ts and Cs?   Don’t forget we can check all this out for you – send us your quote and we’ll take an unbiased look.
  • Are You Moving?  We can help with call redirection, line relocation and phone diversion services, and we can supply phone system equipment, lines and broadband services for your new offices.

All you need to do is call us on 10256 391 077 and we’ll provide a competitive quotation based on your business mobile usage, or use our easy online enquiry form.