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Conference Calling Service

Cost effective meetings. Quick and Easy to set up.

Conference calls enable home workers, remote sales staff and mobile teams to connect and communicate with each other, without losing time and money travelling to the office or a single meeting location.

RoundTable Conference Calling is an easy-to-use service for UK businesses and professionals, enabling multi-party meetings via the telephone, regardless of their location.

RoundTable Conference Call Service

  • FREE set-up.
  • FREE to host each conference.
  • NO monthly or rental costs.
  • Pre-registering / reservations not required.
  • Connects up to 20 phone calls.

The RoundTable business conferencing service caters for small and large groups alike.

Setting up a conference is quick, easy and free.

There are no rental or hosting charges and you pay only when you use it.

How Does the Conference Call Work?

All callers wishing to join the conference just call an 08 number, given to them by the conference organiser and type in an entry code number. The callers are then connected.


Call charges are the only costs associated with our conference calling facility, which are applied to each caller’s telephone bill.

Conference attendees dial our 0871 number to connect to the conference service. Calls are charged on a pence per minute tariff and will vary depending on your call provider.

Setting up conferences and hosting them are completely free, and you can use it as often as your business needs it, without any monthly costs.

How Much Will Conference Calls Save You?

Consider the savings in time and money that can be achieved when a conference call replaces a traditional meeting.

  1. How much does a 3 hour meeting cost at your office, involving say 10 sales staff?
  2. Add up; wages, fuel, expenses, food, hotels, room hire, and lunch for ten travelling staff.
  3. Then factor in all the precious time your business has lost while they are NOT doing their usual day-to-day business activities.

How much would a conference call cost for 10 staff, lasting 3 hours based on a call rate of 10p per minute? 1,800 minutes @ 10p/minute* = ONLY £180.00

…and you don’t even have to buy them all lunch.

Give it a try with our online step-by-step guide