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Disaster Recovery

Providing Business Continuity in adverse situations

It is impossible to assess the operational and commercial damage to your business, not to mention reputation caused by missing calls due to a natural disaster such as a fire or flood or power outage, if your telephone system or lines are out of service leaving you unable to receive calls for prolonged periods.

At Southern Communications, we can set-up a failover plan for your telephony specifically tailored for your needs, regardless of whether your inbound calls are delivered over ISDN, Analogue, SIP or Hosted Telephony.

Inbound callers can be re-routed so that all calls to the company are pointed to a single destination or, in some cases, individual DDI’s can have individual fail over plans.

Alongside these Disaster Recovery packages, many customers are now adopting Virtual Numbers and Call Re-Directions as part of their disaster recovery plan, due to the enhanced flexibility these provide.

Virtual Numbers are not area specific and can be very easily re-directed to alternative locations, in addition, web portal access can be provided, which means that if you cannot visit the office, providing you have an internet connection, you have the reassurance that you can act quickly to re-direct your calls to the number of your choice.

We offer a host of call disaster recovery, redirection and virtual packages, suited to your individual business needs.

Disaster Recovery Call Plan options

  • To set up an emergency re-direct simply call our Customer Service team with the number you would like your calls diverted to and we’ll get it activated ASAP with the necessary urgency that your business needs.  The diversion service will remain active until you ask us to remove it and will not expire.
    Benefits of Emergency Redirect Service Call us 365/24/7 to have your calls diverted  to a telephone number of your choice Will will have your divert set up within 1 hour
    How Much Does It Cost? Set-Up: £10.00 per divert Monthly Rental: £2.00 Call Costs: You pay for the diverted leg of the call to your chosen destination at the agreed rate per minute on your account, this will vary dependent on the destination number chosen.
    How To Use 1. Decide on the new destination number for inbound calls. 2. Call Us on 01256 391 110 3. Call us when you want the divert service cancelled.
  • Site Assurance allows for a pre-determined number to be allocated in readiness for all calls to be diverted to if required.  This pre-determined number would typically be identified when the ISDN30 service goes live with us where we would normally allocate an 03 number as the chosen destination as this allows us to change the routing during the lifecycle of the divert.  To activate the Site Assurance service, our Customer Service team can be contacted around the clock where we would expect to activation within the hour
    Benefits of Site Assurance for ISDN30 Quickly activated, your inbound calls can be diverted to a pre-determined number. Site assurance is applied to all of your ISDN30 channels, as in many cases multiple calls may need to be diverted at the same time. Once activated the Site Assurance divert will last as long as you like and will not expire until you instruct us otherwise.
    How Much Does Site Assurance Cost? Set-up   FREE Monthly Rental  £2.40 per ISDN30 channel. Call Costs: You pay for the re-routed leg of the call to your chosen destination at the agreed rate per minute on your account.  This will vary dependent on the destination number chosen
    Setting Up Site Assurance 1. Decide on the destination number for diverted calls or opt for one of our disaster recovery 03 numbers to ensure total flexibility when needed.  The number you choose will be used whenever activate the service. 2. Call Us on 01256 391 110 to set up the site assurance service with your pre-arranged destination number. 3. When you need to activate the service, just call us and all calls will be diverting to the nominated number within 1 hour. 4. Call us when you want the divert service cancelled
  • In the event that you have a fault or power failure and as a result lose the use of your lines, it is impossible to assess the damage to your business and reputation caused by missing calls and your customers receiving busy or worse receiving the unavailable tone.
    Until now typically the only solution has been to divert calls to a single mobile, which is impractical and unprofessional for inbound clients. The solution is Southern Communications Business Continuity Service where, in the event of losing your business lines for whatever reason, this cloud based service gives you the control to introduce Virtual Receptionist coupled with Hunt Group to provide greater call handling flexibility. The Business Continuity service is exclusive to our customers and has been introduced in direct response to the need for disaster recovery functionality to handle multiple inbound calls. This business critical service is there when you need it, for example, when your telephone lines are down, your telephone system is out-of-service, you lose power or you are unable to access your building.
    Virtual Receptionist – This provides a personalised welcome message greeting callers to your business and gives them up to 10 options to press 1 for…, press 2 for…. where calls can be directed to a different land line or mobile number for each person or department.
    Hunt Group – Once the above option has been selected, should a call not be answered or receive a busy tone, the call can be set to hunt around up to 10 destination numbers of your choice.
    Benefits of Business Continuity This service delivers the flexibility to ensure far greater call handling than traditional disaster recovery services with the ability to receive up to 100 simultaneous calls. Business Continuity also gives you the peace of mind that it is always there, with the ability to switch it on when needed for as long as required and where we bespoke it to your specific needs.
    How Much Does Business Continuity Cost? Business Continuity is FREE to set-up and has a small monthly rental Call Costs – You pay for the diverted leg of the call to your chosen destination at the agreed rate per minute on your account, this will vary dependent on the destination number chosen.
    Setting-Up Business Continuity 1. We can set it up in readiness for activation and we can set it up at the point you need it. 2. Call us on 01256 391110. 3. Call us when you want the diversion to the Business Continuity service cancelled.
    Contact us to make your business continuity arrangements.