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Fax to Email

Have faxes delivered to your inbox

A dedicated fax-to-email number from Southern Communications enables you to receive your faxes directly into your inbox, saving on trips to the fax machine and paper costs.

Fax to email numbers are quick and easy to set up.

Simply provide us with the email address you would like your faxes sent to and we will allocate your fax-to-email number and arrange everything for you. The next fax you receive will be an email.

What number will I get?

Fax to emails are normally provided on 0844 numbers. There is no cost to receive a fax through the fax to email service, however the sender will be charged for the transmission at the rates agreed with their provider.

How much will it cost?

There are no set-up fees and no rental fees for faxes that are converted to emails.

The only costs are associated with inbound fax calls, are those paid for by the sender at their standard rates for the number range provided.

Save money on line rentals.

If you don’t use faxes for outbound sending, you may be able to cease your fax line entirely, saving on the ongoing line rental.

Contact us today and recieve your next fax by email.