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Home Workers

Incorporate homeworkers in your standard billing

Most UK businesses have a number of staff who regularly work away from the office as part of their work for the firm. To keep these workers connected, we offer a range of services that make life easy for remote staffin_out_board

Working environments are becoming ever more mobile, staff aren’t just “in” or “out”.

Workers can operate and communicate effectively whilst away from the offices, and their associated costs can be kept low and integrated easily into the company telephone bill.


  • Staff can easily work from home using their existing telephone lines, eliminating additional installation and rental costs. Call costs are charged directly to your business telephone account, with full activity logs and no need to claim back costs via expenses.

  • Install dedicated phone lines and internet services within your staff homes, include costs in your single company bill with a detailed breakdown of each homeworker and call activity logs.

  • Use the latest technologies offered by hosted telephony and some on-premise systems to enable your home workers to benefit from all the features of the company telephone system at home and be reachable as if they were in the office, using mobile-twinning and wi-fi to connect your home workers more effectively.

  • The latest on-site and fixed phone systems support VoIP – connect your staff directly to your office phone system wherever they have a data network connection

  • Enable your home workers to use their existing personal, domestic phone line and benefit from reduced call charges and installation and adminsitrative costs. Calls will appear on your standard company telephone bill, easily identifiable as being made by the home worker.

    • Pick up the telephone
    • Dial our 4-digit access code
      • This tells the local exchange to use Southern Communications to route the call.
    • Dial the destination number
      • Your call will connect in the usual manner.
    • Hang Up When Finished
      • The local exchange will then deliver the call information to us, and we will add the call costs and data to your business phone bill.

    Your itemised bill information and Phone Sleuth logging software will enable you to separate and analyse home worker call traffic if required. This service can also be used in other locations such as serviced offices, however telephone system or host provider may block the call.

  • Many staff spend time working at home regularly and will require dedicated telecoms services and with the business equipment to function effectively. Installing a business telephone line at home operates on exactly the same principles as at the office, allowing your staff to work from home comfortably without the headache of claiming expenses for usage. All of our telephone lines are installed at the same low rates as lines in the main business offices.

  • Anlogue lines have a new telephone number and a dedicated listing on the main business account phone bill. ISDN Lines can be installed for homeworkers who require ISDN data or voice services, including DDI extension numbers.

  • We have a number of telephony solutions to meet the needs of the home and remote workers, from a small system installed directly into the premises, hosted and UC solutions using broadband, ISDN and Analogue technology. Installed many telephone systems into domestic households, using analogue and ISDN technology.

  • All of our business telephone systems support mobile integration features “Mobile Extension” or “Mobile Twinning” allows mobile telephones to be integrated with telephone systems giving users the ability to take office calls when they are away from their desk, and even transfer them back to colleagues in the office. Mobile applications are available and supported by VoIP and WiFi technology, enabling mobile workers and mobile phones to truly remain connected to the office telephone system. more on phone systems for business and organisations

  • Analogue lines for home workers can also host broadband internet connection services, which we can provide as part of the overall home worker package.

  • All of our business phone systems support VoIP technology, which allows your PC or laptop to integrate with the office telephone system whenever a network connection is established. All you need is the software running on screen, and a USB handset or headset to talk. more on VoIP phone systems