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Inbound Call Services

Ensure your customers reach you

Inbound call services from Southern Communications ensure you receive your calls wherever you are.

Additionally, you can appear local to a specific area in which you do not have a physical presence allowing your customers to benefit from local call rates.numbers

  • Virtual numbers; geographic and non-geographic
  • 08 numbers
  • 03 numbers
  • International local, regional and freephone numbers


Have one number and choose where to have your calls routed to plus use call routing plans to change the destination based on time of day, busy or no answer

  • Ideal for businesses that want to make sure they can answer calls on their main phone number, from home, the office or a mobile
  • Use dedicated virtual numbers for departments, products and services within your business. Your itemised bill will show just how many calls each department receives.

Easy relocation

  • No need to re-print stationery when you move
    • Printing stationary and promoting a new number to your customers can be very costly
    • Your customers do not have to remember a new number and don’t even need to know you have moved.


  • Measure your response to marketing campaigns
  • Appear to be within a specific area or have a single location independent number such as 08 or 03
  • Use a separate number for web, email and advertising, all going into the same central location and see where your leads are generated from.
    • Increase responses with 08, 03 numbers
    • It is proven that an individual is more like to call a free or low cost telephone number
    • Choose an easy to remember numbers and stay ahead of the competition

Disaster Recovery Back-up

  • Your virtual number can be easily re-directed to any UK number in the event that the offices are inoperable, due to unforeseen circumstances or adverse weather conditions, enabling staff to receive calls at home, other offices or on mobile phones.  We offer a full range of Disaster Recovery Services for your business.

Inbound Call Services

Local Numbers Geographic number overlaid on a business line.
Ghost Numbers Use a landline number to send calls to any destination.
International Numbers Give out International, Local or Freephone numbers without the expense of having an international office.
Virtual Geographic Number Give an area specific number and have the call sent to any UK landline.
Virtual International Number Give an International number and have the call sent to any UK landline.
SIP Numbing Receive your inbound calls across your data connection.
DDI Give each employee a direct dial number. Available on ISDN lines
Emergency Back-up Numbers For those times when the unexpected happens and the office is in operable or inaccessible.
03 Numbers Increase responses with memorable numbers that are low cost for your customers to call.
08 Numbers Increase responses with memorable numbers that are free for your customers to call.