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Non-Geographic Numbers (03, 08)

Beat the competition with preferential calling rates

Give your callers preferential rates or even FREE to call numbers with 08 and 03 numbers from Southern Communications.

  • No set-up or rental charges
  • Low cost and free to call numbers
  • Essential inbound call information to see where your calls are coming from
  • Quick and easy to divert to any UK number


When you choose an 08 or 03 number from the Southern Communications range of Inbound Call Services, your business will benefit from the flexibility of being able to route calls to any UK destination and use routing plans to change the destination of the call based on the time of day.

Inbound calls can be routed to a single number or a group of numbers to ensure a call is never missed.

Marketing Benefits

Often used for marketing campaigns 08 and 03 numbers provide low cost or FREE calls for your customers and you receive comprehensive reports to see how many calls are received and where they calls are generated from.

A choice of numbers is available and easy to remember numbers will help keep you ahead of the competition along with with inbound call patterns to allow you to maximise call handling resource.


Re-direction of calls to a new destination can be done very easily, whether relocating permanently or on a temporary basis, so you can be sure you never miss a call and do not have to promote a new number to your customers.

  • 08 and 03 numbers are cloud based numbers that work by being “pointed at” the nominated landline, which is usually the current main advertised number, or perhaps a phone line that has been set up for a specific purpose or service. Inbound callers can reach you in two ways: by dialling the normal landline number, and/or by calling your new 03 or 08 number. Which one they use is down to your marketing / advertising approach. Every 08 and 03 number has phone bill statistics where you can measure your marketing success by analysing inbound call traffic for each 08 and 03 number.
  • Set-up and number rental is free. Call charges will vary depending on the non-geographic number you choose.
    How to change the destination number Decide on the new destination number for inbound calls. Call us on 01256 391 110 and let us know. Calls will be diverting to the new number within 1 hour. Call us if/when you want the divert service cancelled.
    Duration The divert will last as long as you like. Southern Communications Inbound Call Services provide a range of national and international calling numbers.