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Virtual Phone Numbers

One Number - Any Location

Add flexibility to your business with Virtual numbers that can be pointed to any UK location to;

  • Give a local presence without the need for a physical office
  • Increase responses to campaigns with free phone and low cost call number plans
  • Apply time of day routing plans to ensure calls are always answered

Virtual or “Ghost” Numbers

Convert any existing number to a virtual number that can be diverted to any other number or location. Not restricted to line type.

Moving and Relocating your Business

Convert your existing telephone number into a virtual number, which will automatically route calls to your new destination number or number range. You can even change the destination later if you move again.

Show a Local Presence with a Physical Location

We can provide virtual numbers with any UK STD area code that you require, subject to availability. Callers on your virtual number are given the impression that they call a local number, which actually diverts all of the telephone calls to your business, regardless of where it is.

How to Set Up a Virtual Number Service

  • Decide on the new destination number for inbound calls, and which UK STD code you require for your virtual number. If you need a new line/number for the destination, ask and we’ll set one up for you.
  • Call us for further details and we’ll prepare an official virtual numbers proposal and/or talk through costs.
  • If you’re happy, just email us your acceptance.
  • Your virtual number service will be active within 2-3 working days.


Set-up costs vary depending on whether you are converting or require a new virtual number service, and which area / number you type required.

Rental costs also vary depending on type of service, however, these are much less than Remote Call Forward and Cease Number Intercept services.

Call Charges – As with most diversion services, you will pay for the re-routed leg of the call at the associated call rate, which will vary according to the type of destination you choose to direct your call to.


For existing customers there is no minimum contract term for this service.

Contact us today and we will be happy to talk you through the options and costing to help you find the right solution for your business.