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Take the stress out of moving

Relocating can be very time consuming and keeping your customers in contact during this time is essential.

At Southern Communications, we have a highly skilled team of individuals to help you make a seamless move of your communication services from relocating and installing your telephone systems into your new premises, transferring you lines and numbers, arranging any diverts required and relocating your broadband and data connections.

We will take care of it all for you

  • Number porting
  • New line provision
  • Call diverts
  • Virtual numbers for smooth transition
  • Office cabling
  • Phone system supply, installation and on-going support

The services you require will depend on where you are going and the flexibility you require at your new premises.

If your relocation is a temporary move you may want to look at short term solutions such as using virtual numbers which offer your customers reduced calls rates, are free to set up and can be re-routed when you move to your permanent location.

For a more permanent move where you would like a geographic number for your new location you may want to consider a call divert service. This can be set up to automatically route all callers who dial your old number straight through to your new number or as an announcement on your old number telling callers what the new number is.

ISDN Lines

Site Assurance and Business Continuity both provide built in call redirection services which can be used in the event of an office relocation or as part of a disaster recovery plan. The benefit of these services is that, as designed to be used as part of a disaster recovery plan, they can be quickly deployed.

To set up ISDN redirection contact our cusotmer services team.

Analogue Lines – Remote Calls Forwarding (RCF)

Remote Calls Forwarding (RCF) is a contracted service for diverting calls to a new destination

Please note that more flexible diverting products and services are now on offer, however this is a service popular with the main UK call networks which we can provide to your business if required.

If you are considering using this service, visit our Virtual Numbers section for a cost effective, future proof alternative with built in Disaster Recovery.

How Much Does RCF Cost?

£50 set-up fee plus £23.00 pcm rental, plus the associated telephone line rental cost, plus call costs for the re-routed leg of the call.


The minimum contract term is 3 months, which is imposed on us by the main network providers that we must therefore pass on.

How To Set Up RCF

  • Decide on a new number for inbound calls
  • Call Us on 01256 391 110
  • We will activate the divert on your behalf
  • The service takes 3-4 working days to become active.

You may like to consider setting up a virtual number as cost effective alternative to Remote Call Forwarding. A number that will remain yours which you can move with you in the future and provides built in Disaster Recovery