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NEC SV9100 Applications and Software

Keep your staff, suppliers and customers connected with advanced communications technology

NEC Software and Applications provide a complete unified communiations communications platform for your business


  • Have voicemail and faxes delivered to your inbox
  • See which of your colleagues are available
  • Consolidate management of calls, faxes and voicemail
  • Use your mobile as an extension of your desk phone
  • Take Conferencing wto a new level with Executive Conference


UCB Unified Communications encompassing all methods of contact in a single point, UCB provides easy-to-use computer-integrated telecoms tools for all employees.

UCB Unified Messaging

UCB Unified Messaging enables voicemail, email and fax to be unified within the email Outlook application, automatically synchronising Presence with Microsoft® Outlook or Lotus Notes Calendar.

  • Prioritise, forward and distribute messages.
  • Playback telephone messages via pc or desk phone
  • Integration with Microsoft® Outlook or Lotus Notes
  • Ease of use


UCB Presence

UCB Presence provides users with useful information on the location, status and activities of colleagues.

  • Status includes information such as ‘Due back 2.30pm’, ‘Free until 10.30am’, ‘Lunch’, ’Training’ etc.
  • Request a return notification
  • UCB prompts remind you to update your status on returning to your desk
  • Choose to display the subject of your current appointment for other users to view.
  • Access the company directory
  • Presence buttons enable one-touch speed-dialling from the desktop

UCB presence monitors your mouse, keyboard and telephone.  After a pre-configured period of inactivity you are considered to be away from your desk/phone.


UCB Knowldege Worker

Knowledge Worker improves the productivity for all phone users by consolidating the management of phone calls & faxes with voicemail, staff presence and internal chat – all from the desktop PC.

  • Screen-pops – Caller ID &  information
  • Display status of colleagues
  • Automatically change voicemail greetings with calendar items and activities.
  • Manage voice, fax and email from your PC without having to leave your desk.
  • Customise Individual voicemail messages specific recognised callers and enhance  customer service considerably.

The UCB Knowledge worker application can be embedded with the Microsoft Outlook Application or can be used as stand-alone software.



UCB Mobile Executive

UCB’s Executive Mobile module consists of two complementary applications offering desktop functionality on your mobile phone and provides a web portal browser providing access to office communications from home, hotel or laptop browser.

  • One contact number
  • Direct access to the company directory
  • Presence enables you to see a colleague’s availability in the office before you call
  • Seamlessly transfer a call from your desk phone to your mobile when you leave the office in a rush.
  • Retrieve voice, fax and email messages from your mobile, plus the call history of your desk phones for missed calls.
  • SMS – Texting option available for in-house colleagues.

Please note that some features are subject to the mobile phone used.


UCB Executive Conference

Take conferencing to new levels of convenience, speed and user experience with UCB Executive Conferencing.

  • Emails can be sent via Outlook with conference details and calendar integration.
  • Conference attendees’ names appear on screen, the current speaker is highlighted
  • Toaster pop reminders ensure your conference starts on time.
  • Individual Volume control for  all individual attendees
  • Click-to-record

The user-friendly drag-and-drop interface allows conferencing for up to 32 callers. Bring new attendees into a conference, split into private groups, move participants between private conversations and more – all with a click of the mouse.

Last-minute attendees can be added easily – even on mobile phones or from outside the office.



UCB Operator Console

nec-ucb-console-prescenceWith Operator Console, receptionists are empowered to manage incoming calls more professionally and efficiently then ever, creating a better customer experience. They know who’s calling, who’s available to take the call, and who’s busy

  • Detailed caller ID information can be viewed before answering
  • Staff status is displayed on the operator’s PC
  • Review and re-distribute voice and fax messages
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) – simply point and click or use hot keys to answer, transfer, hold or make calls
  • Start recording while the caller is speaking and send conversations via email.



Call logging and recording

MyCalls  is a range of call logging, statistics and management solutions for NEC phone systems that help you manage your business.

  • View calls volumes, answered and abandoned calls
  • Allocate calls based on call volumes and time of day
  • Real-time live dashboards show calls in progress, calls waiting, available agents and more
  • Integrate with CRM and improve customer service
  • Record calls, save, archive calls for training and management

Multi-site businesses and corporate enterprises can monitor and manage call traffic centrally with one application collecting call data from all of the telephone systems within the organisation.

MyCalls includes: Mycalls Basic, My Calls Call Manager, MyCalls Enterprise, MyCalls Desktop User Application, MyCalls Call Recorder