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Protect your company data and applications with a firewall that is fully managed and tailored to your business needs.

We are all aware of the persistent and ever evolving techniques used by would be hackers and data thieves. Now add to the mix the need to manage security in a hybrid environment of on premise and cloud platforms, whilst at the same time relaxing the rules in support of BYOD.

Next Generation Firewalls combine a number of detection and prevention technologies and management tools to give you full control over your security solutions, whatever the size and complexity of your network, from single site through to large SDWAN and MPLS environments.

  • Managed, monitored and maintained by highly qualified security professionals
  • Software updates included
  • Understand your traffic with usage and performance statistics
  • Application level security management

Traditional security infrastructure served the industry well for a while but times change. The advent of Web 2.0 platforms, many of which are legitimate business tools, has thrown open to doors of opportunity to deliver an exploit. One approach is the Advanced Evasion Technique (AET) whereby a payload can be manipulated to traverse standard security measures unimpeded.

To discount the risk presented is foolhardy. It is not just financial institutions in the crosshairs, with any public facing IP address being a potential target, perhaps are part of wider campaign to launch the ‘real’ attack. Any breach in network security can have a far reaching impact.

Firewalls are a key part of your business security and can be time consuming and complex to manage in house. 

Our managed firewalls give you the peace of mind that your security is being taken care of by qualified security professionals to provide protection across single site, multi-site and VPNs with built in monitoring and upgrades and the flexibility to scale up and down as your requirements change.

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