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Avaya Call Logging

TIM Professional is a Windows-based call logging application that uses the data output from the Avaya system, checks it, costs it and stores it automatically.

You can produce a whole range of management reports with vivid graphs, charts and tables, custom-defined if required, and all functions can be performed from anywhere using a standard web browser – no client software is required.



Information Control

Department managers get the information they need to control their own telecoms activities. They are able to access to their own relavant team call statistics from their own computer via a standard web browser.

Administrators can set up any number of users, restricting and allowing access to specific departments as required.


Lost and Abandoned Calls

The call logger identifies when and where calls are being lost and monitors phone line usage. Do you have enough lines? Or too many? TIM Professional scrutinises your telephone traffic and can readily suggest line optimisation.

Fast and accurate

Retrieve information in seconds. Fast and flexible costing algorithms allow statistics to be produced within seconds of a call being made.

Telephone Line Usage

The Trunk Report breaks down each business day into half hour periods, showing the maximum and average number of phone lines in use during any particular half-hour. You can choose to exclude weekends, when perhaps not so many calls are being made or received, so as not to distort your averages.

Administrators can monitor line usage to make sure the correct number of phone lines are active to match inbound and outbound call traffic.

Call Geography

Use Pie Charts and Graphs to display the calls to the differing types of destinations – local, national, mobile, 0845, 0800 etc.

Lost Calls = Lost Business

Missed and abandoned calls can be logged and identified by telephone number, destination and ring time, alllowing managers to prioritise call backs and retain business that would otherwise be lost.


Call Log Processing

The Call logging software can process thousands of phone calls per day, and does this as the calls are being made. During call processing, users have full access to any report at any time on demand, either at the console where the logger is running, or from any PC on the computer netowrk via a standard web browser.

Call Records – Capacity

The internal database can store up to 2Gb of call log data, enough for a medium-sized company to store phone call information over many years. Old data can be archived to another location, which can easily be imported and reviewed again in the future.

Lines and Extensions

The software can log up to 300 lines and extensions with no incremental costs to pay as your telephony expands.

Top Calls

Top Calls can be listed according to cost and/or duration, useful for identifying time spent with major clients and suppliers and also good for identifying expensive calls if abuse is suspected.


A number of standard reports are available on demand, as well as customizable reports for analysing specific call statistics.

Reports can be viewed on screen, printed and/or emailed and can also be scheduled to run at specific times (eg. daily, weekly, monthy).

You can also produce phone bill information if you are hosting or sharing your telephone system with a tenant or client. These can be customised to include your company logo and details as required.

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