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Avaya IP Office V3

V3 IP Office

Version 3 systems preceeded the IP500 system (v4 & v5) and this version is still being supported. The 54xx and 56xx-series desk telephones were introduced in 2005 and we provide advice and recommendations on upgrading these legacy systems. Many components and devices are compatible with the new IP500 systems, meaning that attractive and cost-effective upgrade options are available. For a support contract quote, click here.

Full Avaya IP500 upgrade, installation, support packages and project management available. Call us on 01256 391 070 or email sales@southern-comms.co.uk

5420 (digital) & 5620 (VoIP) Telephones

The Avaya 5420 & 5620 Telephone provides a large-scale display for easy viewing and call control with 24 call appearance/feature buttons.

Administration and maintenance is simplified as the key/button labeling is paperless, done via the telephone system program.

Additional features such as call logging and a speed-dial directory help enhance overall productivity by giving providing users with the tools needed for more effective call tracking and faster outbound calling capabilities.

Avaya 5420 phone user guide pdf



5410 (digital) & 5610 (VoIP) Telephones

The Avaya 5410 is a flexible display telephone with several capabilities such as local call log and speed dial not available on previous generations of digital telephones.

It has a 5 x 29 LCD screen with 12 label-less call appearances (over two pages); full-duplex speakerphone, 14 fixed feature keys, four softkeys, 12 shifted feature buttons, large message waiting indicator, headset jack, local language customization, eight Personalized Ring Patterns and is either desk or wall mountable.

Avaya 5410 phone user guide pdf



5402 (digital) & 5602 (VoIP) Telephones

The Avaya 5402 is an excellent basic digital telephone, suitable for most applications.

It is designed to complement the 5410 mid-level and 5420 executive phones. The 5402 has a 2-line, 24-character display with two label-less call appearances, Monitor Speaker, 10 Fixed Feature Keys: Conference, Transfer, Drop, Redial, Speaker, Message, Hold, Mute, Volume control, and Feature (to access 12 additional dial pad features).

The 5402 is Hearing Aid Compatible, has a Message Waiting Indicator that flashes when ringing, eight Personalized Ringing Patterns and is desk or wall mountable.

Avaya 5402 phone user guide pdf



IP Office 406 Main System Processor

IP Office 406 System

The IP Office 406 base unit is a 19″ rack mountable VOIP/Digital hybrid platform.

Using external Expansion Modules, the Avaya IP Office 406 can support a mixture of up to 190 Analogue, Digital or IP Handsets. Capacity for 10 devices is available via the main 406 processor unit.

  • 8 Digital Station (DS) ports for 24xx, 44xx, 54xx and 64xx Series phones.
  • Two Analogue telephone ports.
  • Eight 10/100 Mbps LAN Switched ports (layer-2).
  • Support for optional voicemail/auto-attendant ( via Compact Flash card)
  • Support for 6 Expansion Modules.
  • Two relay switch ports for door entry systems.
  • Audio port for external music on hold.
  • ISDN30, ISDN3 & Analogue Trunk Support
  • VoIP (VCM) call compression modules for networking between sites over a Wide Area Network or supporting IP Telephones and Soft IP phones.


IP Office 412 System

The IP Office 412 base unit is a 19″ rack mountable VOIP/Digital hybrid platform.

Using external Expansion Modules, the 412 can support a mixture of up to 360 Analogue, Digital or IP Handsets in any combination. Capacity for 10 devices is available via the main processor unit.

  • Two 10/100 switched Ethernet ports.
  • DTE Port.
  • X.21/V35 WAN interface.
  • Support for 12 Expansion Modules (360 extensions maximum).
  • Two relay switch port for door entry systems (Ext O/P socket).
  • Audio port for external music on hold source.



Phone 8 Module

The IP 400 Phone 8 adds 8 analogue (POT) ports to the IP403, IP406 and IP412 systems.



Phone 16 Module

The Phone 16 adds 16 analogue ports to the IP403, IP406 and IP412.





Phone 30

The IP 400 Phone 30 adds 30 analogue (POT) ports to the IP403, IP406 and IP412 systems.



Digital Station 16

Adds capacity for 16 digital telephone ports to the IP403, IP406 and IP412.



Digital Station 30 Module

The Digital Station 30 adds capacity for 30 digital telephones.



Analogue Trunk 16

An additional 16 analogue lines can be connected with the Trunk 16 module.

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Southern Communications are fully accredited suppliers and installers of Avaya IP500 and Avaya IP Office business phone systems, providing remote diagnostics and field-based phone system support services.



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