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Avaya Phone Manager

PHONE MANAGER Desktop Telephony Software

Desktop Telephony Software

Phone Manager is a software application that is loaded onto a user’s desktop computer. avaya_phone_manager_proIt provides additional easy-to-access telecoms features and information for making and handling calls, all available at the click of a mouse.

The basic Phone Manager Lite version is a free-of-charge addition to the standard IP500 telephone system package and can be used by all staff who have a telephone on the desk.

For users who need more Phone Manager can be upgraded to the Pro version. It can also be upgraded for call centre agents, and mobile workers can take advantage of iphonemanager Pro, turning the laptop computer into an all-in-one telephone, email and multimedia messaging device.

Download Phone Manager user guide

Call Handling

The phone manager software integrates your desk telephone with the PC via the computer network. You talk into the telephone as normal, however the calls and phone-related actions are controlled by the software and mouse.

You can make calls by dialling from the telephone as normal, however you can double-click speed-dial icons on screen for fast-dialling regular contacts and extensions.

The IP500 internal system directory can be accessed, allowing you to search for colleagues and contacts via your keyboard.

Shortcut keys at the top of the screen allow you to place calls on hold and transfer them to other extensions quickly and easily using your mouse.

The live call window shows you details of the incoming caller and the next waiting call, and you can toggle between callers just by clicking with the mouse.



Call Logs

Phone manager provides call activity logging, showing you information on missed calls, recieved calls and calls you recently made.

You also have control over voicemail messages within your voicemail box. Just lift the telephone handset and click on the message to listen.


Set preferences easily via the phone manager software, without having to remember how to do it via the desk telephone.
Forward calls, set do not disturb, switch on voicemail and do much more via the preferences option.



Which Version? Phone Manager Comparison Chart

Feature Phone Manager Lite (free version) Phone Manager Pro
Calls – Make and Recieve Yes Yes
Call Hold & Transfer Yes Yes
Calling Line Identification Display Yes Yes
Incoming DDI display Yes Yes
One-click Speed Dials 15 max 100 per tab,multiple tabs
Speed Dial Tabs 10 max 10 max
Busy Lamp Field (via speed dial icons) Yes Yes
Microsoft Live Communications Server Integration Yes Yes
View user prescence via LCS Yes Yes
Compact Mode No Yes
Local Phone Directory No Yes
Call History Logs In/Out/Missed, Messages In, Out, All, Missed, Messages
New voicemail notifiaction and collect Yes Yes
Voicemail control No Yes
Incoming Call Script Messages No Yes
Door Opening Control No Yes
Queue Monitoring No Yes
Call Timer No Yes
Conference control display Yes Yes
Conferencing Centre Actions Yes Yes
Screen Pop Database Contacts No Yes (Outlook, Goldmine, ACT!, Maximizer)
Agent Mode No Yes
Distinctive Ring (.wav file) No Yes
IP Softphone No Option


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