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Small Community Networking

IP500 Multi-Site Telephone Systems

Several IP500 systems can be connected together to form a Small Community Network. You can then dial users on other systems in the same way as for internal calls on your own system. The remote users are listed in the directory.

When connecting IP500 together over IP or Packet based computer networks, Small Community Networking enhances feature transparency. These networks can support up to a maximum of 500 users across 32 sites.

The following additional telephony features are available.


  • Busy Lamp Field

  • Call Back When Free

  • Call Pick-up

  • Centralized Call Log

  • Remote call queuing

  • Anti-Tromboning.

  • Remote Hot Desking

The breakout feature allows users to select an IP Office system in the network from a displayed list and then dial a subsequent number as if dialing locally on the chosen system. This feature is triggered either by a programmable button or short code.

The use of private voice networking trunks between IP500 control units and other systems requires voice networking channel licenses within the telephone systems.

This applies to H323 VoIP trunks configured on the IP500 including IP trunks being used for an IP Office Small Community Network. A voice networking license is also required for the use of trunks configured to for QSIG operation. On H323 IP trunks, a license instance is consumed for each simultaneous outgoing call (incoming calls do not consume a license). On QSIG trunks the number of calls is limited by the trunk type rather than available licenses.



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