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Call Logging

Improve Customer Service and Staff Efficiency

Call logging plays a vital role in the effective management of businesses today.

Many modern telephone systems and cloud based telephony platforms provide call loggings statistics to help you effectively manage your business.

mycalls2Call logging improves customer service and increases productivity with the use of real-time and automated activity reports.

Live call data and real time dashboards give agents and supervisors real time information to viev important information relating to:

  • Number of calls answered
  • Number of calls in queues
  • Missed calls
  • Individual agent activity

Call logging enables authorised agents to drill down through multiple levels, from organisation-wide data to department level and individual agent data to review performance and trends.

Inbound call statistics and patterns enable supervisors to ensure the right number of agents are available, schedule break times, work schedules, training and more

Real-time and customisable automated reports, emailed to key personnel, provide the information they need to make informed business decisions

Agents and supervisors can easily view activity by agent and team to help achieve individual and common goals such as reducing call answer times and quickly add/move agents to call groups when calls start to queue.

Critical and timely data such as most recent evaluations, last 10 evaluations, recent calls, 30 day averages, always on display, helps achieve common goals.

Call logging is used by enterprise and SME companies alike.  Modern Call logging is easy to use and calls can be retrieved easily by agent, time of day, number calls, inbound CLI.

Call logging, when used with Call Recording, can also be used in legal and liability matters to provide evidence of customer contact and can be very effective in handling disputes.

At Southern Communications our FREE online billing platform provides you with a snapshot of Inbound and Outbound call information.

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