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Call Recording

Resolve Disputes and Improve Staff Performance

There are many benefits to choosing to implement a call recording and call monitoring system.

nec_sv8100_mycalls_call_recorderHistorically used primarily for compliance purposes the modern business is seeing increased from the implementation of call recording solutions.

Call recordings, beyond compliance, provide a source of data that can help identify trends, training requirements and provide a training resource. Sharing call details of team superstars is a great way to improve performance of the rest of the team to deliver greater customer service.

Compliance and more

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While, for certain industries, it is important to record calls for compliance other areas of business are increasingly seeing benefits.

Departments including Sales, Customer Service and Technical support are increasingly using historic call recordings to review past discussions and help resolve queries.

Call Recording for Training

Training departments use call recording to allow agents to listen to others and hear themselves speak.  Most of us do not realise the mistakes we make on a call and listening back is a great way for agents to realise where they can improve and will embrace this as a way to improve their performance.

Choosing a Call Recording Platform

When choosing a call recording solution it is important to identify the needs of your business;

  • Is there a compliance requirement?
  • Do all calls need to be recorded all the time?
  • Do agents need to record on demand?

Calls can easily be identified by time, telephone number or inbound CLI to play back.

Call recording is becoming increasingly common because of the wide range of benefits offered across the business.  Easy to use and compliant call recording solutions are available forth most  hosted and on-premise telephone systems.

Contact us to discuss your call recording requirements and let us take you through the options available to you.

Reduce training cycle times and agent turnover Call Monitoring systems that offer scoring and evaluation functionalities to speed up the learning curve, so supervisors no longer need to sit side-by-side with employees and take notes to provide.

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