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Audio and Web Conferencing

Connect your Staff, Suppliers and Customers

Audio and web conferencing have become increasingly popular, driven by the desire of businesses to utilise staff time more effectively, reduce carbon footprint and the improvement in technology available.

Conference solutions enable homeworkers, remote staff and mobile staff to connect easily with office staff without having to travel.

Audio and web conferences can be set up using a number of web based applications, a business grade conference bridge or the built in functionality of an on-premise or hosted business telephone system.

Audio Conference

A business grade telephony solution for audio conferencing has a number of advantages and will improve the quality of your conference.  Web based voice applications are dependent on the internet connection of the participants and poor connectivity can downgrade the call for all, making it harder to hear and therefore taking longer to get a point across.

For clarity it is best to invite participants into an audio conference using telephone numbers rather than web profiles.

Business grade telephony solutions, integrated with contact lists, make it quick and easy to set up all participants from within the organisation or outside.

Web Conference

When web conferencing it is important to make sure that not just the organiser but all participants have sufficient bandwidth to effectively join the web conference.

Delays caused by poor internet performance will affect the flow and efficiency of the conference and where participants wish to share their screens and play videos, poor internet performance can dramatically reduce the value of the web conference.

Organising a Conference

When organising audio or web conferencing it is important to consider

  • How many attendees you may require at any time as some systems are restricted?
  • Who pays for the call – the organiser or the participant dialling in?
  • Can the conference be recorded to share with colleagues and refer back to later?
  • Will the recipient have the right tools to join – good bandwidth, computer, mobile phone signal, phone line etc?
  • Am I likely to need participants to join from abroad?

Southern Communications are able to offer advice and recommendations to find you the most effective conference solution for your business.

For best and free advice on conferencing for your business contact us today.

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