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Free Consultancy & Phone System Design

We begin with taking a close look at your current set-up. We provide full site service audits to design the best telephone line structure, and free engineering surveys to ascertain how your new system will be connected.

With a detailed knowledge of your current arrangements and how your business needs to communicate, we can then decide whether to use ISDN or SIP, whether your phone system architecture will be VoIP or TDM, or perhaps even a combination.



Mobile Extn150x150pxOur design and consultancy service will help you determine whether VoIP is the right technology for your business.

We also advise on technologies to help improve productivity and performance including;  mobile Working, Unified Communications, Contact Centre Managment and more

Detailed Proposals

All of our findings and recommendations are presented in a full written report, which includes costs for implementing the changes and very frequently, the ongoing cost savings you’re likely to make.

More often than not, older business telephone systems operate with too many lines and are costly to maintain. Revised phone line structures combined with new business phone systems often justify themselves with lower running costs.

Our design and consultancy service is free of charge, and is part of the sales and evaluation service we provide to all of our business customers.