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Installation & User Training

Supplied by qualifed engineers and support staff.

All of our business telephone systems are installed by our own fully trained and accredited telephone system engineers.

Once Installed we provide full training to ensure you get the most out of your new system.

Step 1 – Planning / Programming Meeting

We begin the installation process by holding a detailed meeting with you to discuss and confirm the requirements of the new business telephone system. A telephone system configuration is agreed upon, and dates/timings are set for the staff training and system swap-over.

Step 2 – Phone System Installation

Your new business telephone system is installed and tested. Our systems can be wall, floor or rack-mounted, the location of which would have been discussed during the sales process.

Step 3 – Staff Training

A number of temporary telephones will be installed in a meeting room or temporary training area which you designate. All of the telephone users will be fully trained, and we issue phone system training notes and phone manuals as required.

Step 4 – Phone System Swap-Over

We usually swap to your new phone system out of office hours, during the course of an evening or weekend. All crucial aspects of the system will be operational and tested before we leave site. All of our phone system engineers have completed and passed the full training and accreditation courses provided by our manufacturers and hold the necessary certification to install, configure and maintain business telephone systems.

Step 5 – Hand-holding

We return to site on the day after phone system swap-over to ensure everything is well, make changes if requested, and complete any non-essential configuration or installation work.