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Maintenance and Support

Maintenance is essential to keeping your telephone system up to date with latest software releases. Failure to do so can result in expensive maintenance costs and your business becoming a victim of fraud.

At Southern Communications we provide in-house fully accredited support and maintenance for the UK’s leading business phone system provider and hold an extensive stock to cover almost any emergency.

We have been supplying and installing telephone systems since 2002 and have a team of highly trained and experienced staff to offer both on-site and remote diagnostics, to ensure any system downtime is minimised.

Once installed we provide free maintenance 12 months after which time we can put you onto a maintenance contract that will ensure your system continues to function to its maximum capacity.

Our maintenance contracts include software upgrades which may provide additional features during the lifetime of your system and will go a long way towards the preventing your business from becoming a victim of fraud.

We maintain a wide range of telephone systems from all the leading manufacturers including;