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Ad-hoc Support & Maintenance

No maintenance contract?

Very often older systems are left without maintenance contracts and it is only when something goes wrong that this is discovered.

In these instances, on some occasions, ad-hoc maintenance may be available, however, access to ad-hoc maintenance is costly and can very rarely be provided immediately – at the time you need it.

All too often businesses are left with phone systems that cannot be fixed and are forced to purchase a replacement system without the time to evaluate the market.

To ensure the reliability of your system we strongly recommend our customers to protect their investment with a maintenance contact,

Telephone systems, not covered by a maintenance contract, can be left with out of date software which may leave a system unrepairable or costly to repair.

Where a system is made ‘end of life’ by a manufacturer we can offer advice on how much longer systems are likely to be supported to enable you to plan migrations and upgrades.


Southern Communications offer advice on the maintenance options available for your system and upgrade paths for end of life equipment.