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Remote Access

Reduce down time with remote access

Essential to the safety of your telephone system is a support service that provides regular software updates to assist in fraud prevention, fixing faults, creating new extensions and more.

All the systems we install benefit from a maintenance contract with any necessary software updates and remote access during the warranty period.

Remote access enables us to easily provide software updates and dramatically reduces your down time by providing a quick response to re-programming requests, fault finding and repairs. Our team of support specialists are able to securely dial into your system to provide a prompt response and often eliminate the need for any engineer to visit.

Remote access is covered as part of your maintenance contract and costs you nothing additional.

Register your telephone systems with Southern Communications today for full support and to benefit from remote access.

Remote access is only available to telephone systems as part of a maintenance contract. For reasons of security we are unable to provide remote access on an ad-hoc basis.