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NEC Case Study

Southern Communications helped the world’s biggest Audi dealership to get up and running with a complete NEC communications solution.

Specialist and prestige car retailer Sytner recently opened the dealership in a landmark building next to the busy M4 in West London.

West London Audi Staff need to communicate effectively across the 190,000 feet of floor space and seven floors, and Southern Comms installed the latest NEC SV8100 telephone system. Ray Campbell, Head of Business, wanted a phone system that would meet his standards for customer service without being complex.

west_london_audi“Southern Comms made sure our phones were in and running in plenty of time before the doors opened for business. It all went in without a hitch, even after we changed the specification at the last minute. The phones look modern and they’re easy to use – it’s just what we need.” Southern Comms, West London Audi and Sytner’s project teams worked closely together for many months, amending phone system specifications as the needs of the dealership evolved.

The telephone system was supplied, configured and installed during the busy week before opening, and users were trained by Southern’s own in-house personnel.

Sytner has been working with Southern Communications as its phone system provider since 1999, and 11 of its 74 systems to date have been installed into Audi dealerships.

Busy phone users at West London Audi – such as telephonists and after-sales staff – use well-featured, easy-to-use telephones; phone calls are dealt with easily and professionally without fuss.

Sales staff, keen on delivering good customer service, use the latest mobile-twinning technology. Their desk telephones and mobiles ring simultaneously, allowing them to take a call anywhere on site, or even off-site during test-drives if necessary.

NEC SV8100 handsets

The NEC SV8100 phone system delivers calls to staff with minimum delay and without reliance on voicemail, although this can be added easily in the future if the business needs it.

Comfort greetings are given to waiting callers, phone calls can overflow to back-up personnel, and it all can change automatically according to time-of-day, staff availability and department needs.

The SV8100 system satisfies the telecoms needs of each individual department within the business. Service calls are dealt with easily on site and/or seamlessly transferred to the Nottingham contact centre for bookings (an NEC phone system also provided by Southern Comms).

Clear displays and variable ringing tones let phone users know the nature of a call before answering it, keeping the professional approach.

The NEC SV8100 is the latest in a long line of flexible systems designed for long service life, and the team at Southern Communications is looking forward to supporting and growing the telecoms infrastructure at Audi West London for many years to come. The new Audi West London dealership building spans an impresive 7 floors, two of which are below ground. An NEC SV8100 phone system delivers telecoms to all locations via an extensive structured cabling system. NEC’s latest patented DT-series telephones are in use throughout the dealership.

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