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NEC Contact Centres

A host of features at your fingertips

NEC provides two Contact Centre options for you to choose from:-

  • MyCalls Contact Centre for call reporting and monitoring
  • UCB Contact Centre for for advanced multi-media and prescence features.

MyCalls Contact Centre

The MyCalls supervisor screen display gives a detailed real-time view not just of agent activity but also about key service parameters like numbers of callers in queue and call waiting times.

To ensure service levels are maintained supervisors can log additional agents into ACD queues from their own teams or from other departments, which offer similar skill-sets. This is all arranged simply and quickly from the supervisor’s MyCalls desktop.

Additional alarms are provided to help manage ACD activity efficiently, for example An aerial view of agent activity is ideal for supervisors and can be displayed on a plasma screen.

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 NEC UCB Contact Centre

For Call Centre Applications needing to handle and distribute multiple tasks such as calls, email and faxes. .

UCB’s Agent Desktop provides screen-pops to agents with incoming calls. These can present essential information including caller name and phone number, the queue the call is coming from, wait time, and any special notes if available. Agents can also view each other’s performance, encouraging them to become more goal-oriented and require less supervision.

  • Managers always have a clear picture of all contact centre activity with real-time agent statistics.
  • Visual and audible alerts when calls have been waiting too long, there are too many calls or insufficient agents logged in.
  • The ability to monitor a conversation and intrude into a call when necessary
  • Remotely log agents in and out or put them on a break, etc Monitor your contact centre in real-time UCB’s Snapshot provides agents, supervisors and managers a browser based real-time picture of contact centre performance. Up-to-the-minute data on queue and agent status can be viewed by customer support teams on a large LCD screen or managers’ desktops – or even provided to customers on an external web page.

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