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NEC Dect

Cordless System for NEC telephone systems

NEC  IP DECT delivers on-site wireless mobility that combines the benefits of IP telephony with the quality and facilities of DECT cordless technology.






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NEC offer a wide range of DECT solutions for all environments including the G966, I755 and M166 Communicator.

 IP DECT for NEC Systems

IP DECT uses open standards such as the open messaging interface, the SIP protocol, GAP compatibility for the handsets and many more.

  • Built on proven and mature technologyNEC G966 DECT handset
  • Competitively priced
  • Fully integrated with the system.All the top features of business telephones
  • Easy to deploy and manage
  • Encryption and security are standard.
  • Powerful in-house management tools
  • Wide range of DECT terminals
  • Each user can have a specific handset and a choice of features and applications
  • Portable handsets – use them at other business office locations
  • Handsets subscribe automatically in other locations. Stay reachable with the same number
  • Handsets share the same central system directory which is always up-to-date.
  • Alarms and text messages can alert staff, helping them to respond immediately to emergencies

Key DECT System Features

All Business Mobility IP DECT handsets offer excellent mobile voice communication with crystal clear speech, loudspeaker annec-i766d hands free support, seamless handover and roaming, high security with DECT authentication, and seamless integration with features on the PBX platform.

All DECT handsets have an appealing design and are easy to use. The DECT standard does not interfere with other frequency bands.

Distinctive ring tones distinguish internal and external calls (or messages), and audible indicators inform the user about the status of the handset. Central directory support and messaging features are available on the G966 and I755 handsets, to support alarming and messaging.

The I766 handset is robust and dust and drip water proof (IP54) and has additional personal security options such as an SOS-key and man-down detection with associated alarming. Most handsets can be equipped with a memory card to store local user data and the subscription data of the handset.


M166 Communicator


The M166 supercedes the M155 Messenger to provide the perfect device to provide personal safety to staff in care homes and similar environments.

  • Freedom and comfort to move around
  • High Definition audio in line with CAT-lg
  • Alarm immediately alerts relevant staff of location
  • Can be worn with lanyard or clip
  • Desktop / Wall Charger
  • DECT Compliance for high quality speech and security



M155 Messenger

The M155 IP DECT Messenger is a wireless messaging device for use in professional healthcare and hospitality environments. The small device is easy to carry and provides the mobile user the optimum in mobility, accessibility, fl exibility and comfort. Besides a message device the M155 also offers the mobile user speakerphone communication and it acts as a personal alarm device.

The M155 IP DECT Messenger brings mobile messaging and speakerphone communication for DECT users to the highest level:

  • Appealing design
  • Three-line display
  • Easy to carry (on wrist or as necklace)Three-line display
  • Easy to use
  • Handsfree calls
  • Gives users full control over their accessibility
  • Provides various call control options and seamlessly integrates with the PBX and (messaging) applications
  • Complies with the DECT standards for high quality speech and security (DECT authentication)
  • Provides an excellent communications device for organizations that rely on messaging or alarm information sent to employees, such as in hospitals and hotel environments
  • Easy to service and maintain


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