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NEC Neax

Why Upgrade your NEC NEAX System?

You’re paying too much for NEC NEAX maintenance Phone system Maintenance is usually costly with NEC NEAX telephone systems. So high in fact, that the cost of buying a completely new telephone system can be reconciled within three years.
High cost of NEC NEAX ownership Modern phone systems are configured by in-house staff or via remote diagnostics. New phone systems need fewer call-outs and extra hardware costs less than NEC NEAX equipment and are easier to obtain
Communicate with a modern phone system Phone systems with advanced call handling and IT integration technology give you an affordable range of functions and applications. As well as saving money, you can revolutionise the way your business communicates.
You shouldn’t have to wait for spares. Replacement parts for NEC NEAX phone systems can be difficult to obtain, and cost more than equivalent items for modern phone systems.
Expertise should always be at hand NEC NEAX phone system expertise will soon becomes more and more scarce. Waiting times will rise and you pay a premium for services which will be in higher demand.
New technology shouldn’t cost the earth. The cost of adding the latest technology such as VoIP and Unified Messaging to the NEC NEAX can often be as much as a complete new system, or worse may not be possible at all.
A clear and easy path for upgrading Upgrading the NEC NEAX to support new protocols and extra equipment can be costly, and a replacement phone system is often cheaper than the upgrade costs.

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