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NEC SV8100 Hardware

NEC SV8100 - Main Telephone System Processor


SV8100 System Cabinets

The standard SV8100 system can comprise up to 4 cabinets designed to provide traditional wired telephone extensions, which can be the latest NEC digital (system) handsets and/or analogue (POT) telephones. Both types can operate simultaneously via digital and analogue extension cards installed within the cabinet.


A single-cabinet SV8100 can comfortably cater for up to 64 telephones / devices. Extension cards and additional cabinets can be added to the system cheaply as business expands. The maximum capacity for a 4-cabinet system is 512 wired telephones / devices.

Expansion, Processors and Licencing

The SV8100 phone system processor is licenced initially to work with up to 64 devices, which covers most SME businesses, and this automatically extends with further cabinets. Additional system cards can be added, giving increasing capacity in batches of 8 or 16 extensions with 512 devices the maximum.

If you opt for VoIP telephones, only one cabinet is usually needed and consideration needs to be given to licencing the processor accordingly as you expand the business. If you only ever have a few analogue items to connect, think about the cheaper SV8100 SMB processor option.



Where Do I Put It?

The SV8100 SMB is designed to fit within a standard 19″ rack if you have CAT-5E or CAT-6 structured cabling installed.

Not all businesses have the luxury of large IT rooms or spare rack space, or even advanced structured cabling systems. Therefore the phone system can be easily wall-mounted or floor-mounted instead.

NEC systems can operate with traditional telecoms wiring for standard digital and analogue “wired” telephones, or via CAT-5E and CAT-6 for these and VoIP devices.



Netlink – Distributed Architecture

The SV8100 system hardware can be distributed across IP and computer networks, allowing elements of the same central system to be installed within remote offices. This is excellent for businesses with a number of offices, and for organisations with multiple buildings such as Schools and manufacturing plants.



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