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NEC SV8100 SMB - Compact Business Telephone System

The SMB supports up to 16 wired telephones / devices, making it perfect for small businesses.

ISDN lines, analogue and SIP trunks are fully catered for, and the system incorporates all of the powerful telephony features available with the larger multi-cabinet SV8100.



VoIP, SME and Corporate Applications

The SMB has an identical VoIP capacity to the larger SV8100 cabinet version, meaing that up to 512 users can operate via one of the UK’s most compact telephone systems. Larger businesses can therefore benefit from lower hardware costs without compromising functionality.


Where Do I Put It?

The SV8100 SMB is designed to fit within a standard 19″ rack if you have CAT-5E or CAT-6 structured cabling installed.

Not all businesses have the luxury of large IT rooms or spare rack space, or even advanced structured cabling systems. Therefore the phone system can be easily wall-mounted or floor-mounted instead.

NEC systems can operate with traditional telecoms wiring for standard digital and analogue “wired” telephones, or via CAT-5E and CAT-6 for these and VoIP devices.



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