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NEC Desktop

The Telephonist Solution for Business

Transform your customer experience and call handling workflow with instant customer record screen-pops, speed dials,
busy lamp fields and customisable short cuts.

Key Features

Screen- pops

MyCalls Desktop works together with your CRM when a call is taken. Information about the caller is automatically screen-popped, significantly reducing call handling times, productivity and enhancing the customer experience. Compatible with MS Outlook and almost all other CRMs due to its flexible integration capabilities.



Productivity features like Free Dialling enable users to dial a number in any application, e.g. a website, simply by clicking on it, which reduces the incidence of misdials.


Time Management

The time savings and productivity gains soon add up. Just 15 to 20 seconds per call in a busy organisation could amount to more than 40 hours a month. How much could that be worth to your business?


Key features & Benefits

  • Full call control with real time view of extension activity to simplify call handling and save time.
  • Presence provides a single view of colleagues status and availability
  • Improve customer service – Screen pop connects to your database to provide caller information
  • IM (Instant Messaging) – Enables quick responses and chat on the desktop
  • Customisable – create shortcut buttons for frequently used websites,  documents, service codes and speed dials

Desktop Lite

Desktop lite is delivered as standard with presence and 10 speed dial and busy lamp keys.

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