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NEC MyCalls Call Recorder

Call recording is used by an increasing number of businesses and establishments because of its value for training staff, improving customer service and call handling skills. Call recordings can also help with compliance and achieving a prompt resolution to customer disputes.

For many organisations, the need to record telephone conversations is now a legal requirement.

MyCalls Call recording  provides indisputable facts  that can be used to resolve disputes quickly and effectively and can be used a training aid to identify and share best practice. Call recordings when used along side call statistics provide powerful performance management information helping to identify individual and team trends.

Search and play back

Recorded calls are easy to locate, either from the daily call log or using a quick search facility that filters calls by, for example, number, extension, date etc. Calls can be played back and exported individually or in bulk for sharing, storing and archiving,

Speed controls, looping,  stereo waveforms, call markers and mark-up notes enable detailed analysis of each call.


Recording rules and secure encryption satisfy current rules on safe storage including PCI DSS.  Access is controlled through authority levels that can be designed to meet the individual needs of each organisation and supported by a comprehensive audit trail that logs all access to all recordings.

Key Benefits

  • Secure access
  • 256 encryption
  • Full audit trail
  • Credit card payments
  • Detailed call analysis
  • Easy export for sharing and storing
  • Advanced management

Resolve disputes quickly and improve performance


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