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NEC MyCalls Call Logging

MyCalls  is a range of call logging, statistics and management solutions for NEC phone systems that help you manage your business.


MyCalls is a great asset to any business that wants to improve customer service.

Call traffic monitoring allows to you to identify busy times of day, missed calls and inbound and outbound traffic by sites or individual users.

Realtime Dashboards enable supervisors to adjust staffing levels in line with the current need and historic and snapshot information help to plan for the future.

To keep on top of your telephony reports can be selected to run automatically at any given time of day and emailed to individual staff members, providing on-going management information.

Know Your Call Traffic

  • Decide when and who answers your calls based on call volumes and time of day.
  • Improve customer service with information on call waiting times.
  • See who’s using the telephones with real-time live dashboard information
  • Receive alerts and notifications based on thresholds that you set
  • Review regular call traffic reports created for your business.


MyCalls Basic

This is NEC’s entry-level application that provides a near real time call traffic details including answered, missed, abandoned calls and average answer times that help improve productivity. Reports provide historic information that can help to monitor and manage performance.
Call statistics can be displayed on screens and smart devices

MyCalls Manager

MyCalls Manager adds an extra dimension and provides real time information, alarms and enhanced reporting that can be scheduled to run automatically and delivered.

Alarms can be programmed to alert managers when rules have been broken, freeing them up to concentrate on everyday tasks,

MyCalls Recorder

MyCalls Call Recorder provides indisputable facts that can help resolve disputes quickly and effectively, to improve customer service and refine call handling. .

Call Recording is secure and encrypted.  Calls can easily be played back and stored to use as training purposes.

The call recording equipment connects to your telephone lines and can be configured to include all or selected calls, telephone numbers and/or extensions. For instance, you may only want to record the conversations of your sales team.

Conversations can be played back, saved, archived and emailed to colleagues and managers, making the call recorder a superb training and customer service management tool.

MyCalls Enterprise

Multi-site businesses and corporate enterprises can monitor and manage call traffic centrally with one application collecting call data from all of the telephone systems within the organisation.

MyCalls Desktop

MyCalls Desktop works with your CRM to help reduce call handling times.  Screen pops provide important information automatically and users can dial out from any application, with a single click.

Full Call Control, Presence and IM, with customisable shortcuts, provide essential information that improve productivity

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