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NEC MyCalls Operator Console

The Telephonist Solution for Business

Receptionists are the first point of contact for many customers and managing incoming calls professionally and efficiently is essential to give the best customer call experience.  Callers can be handled quickly with information displayed to show  who is calling, who is available to take a call and and who is busy.

Operator Dashboard

MyCalls Operator Console gives receptionists the information they need to improve the customer experience and handle calls quickly and efficiently.  Calls are presented with caller ID and phone book information, enabling personal greetings.  The flexibility of the system enables calls to be handled in any order, from queues, using Drag and Drop, so your most important customers can receive VIP treatment

This dashboard provides an easy to use and highly visual inter- face for users


Status of all staff is displayed on the operator’s PC, allowing them to take an individual approach to each call. Notification of the expected return time is also displayed.


Detailed caller ID information can be viewed before answering a call. This enables a more personal service such as greeting a caller by name, and responding more quickly to requests. Calls from top customers can also be prioritised.

Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Easy to use, an operator simply point-and-clicks or use hot keys to answer, transfer, hold or make calls.

One-touch dialing

Speeds up call control – with single-click transfers and Presence buttons.

Message Management

Review and re-distribute voice and fax messages collected in a central mailbox to any users in the organisation without leaving their desks.

Console Reporting

Receptionists & management can get a picture of number of calls, peak times, wait times, etc. Makes staffing management easier.

Call History

Quick reference for the most recent inbound, outbound & missed calls.

Call Recording

Simply click on the “Record” button while the caller is speaking. Each recorded conversation can then be dragged and dropped to the appropriate person’s mailbox. Speed up call handling and become more responsive.

Calls Waiting

Receptionists have a window showing how many calls are waiting and who is waiting (if Caller ID is available); important calls can be re-prioritised and answered out of turn.



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