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NEC Smart Security

Keep staff, network and premises safe

NEC Security products help to keep your staff, networks and premises safe with Compliant Call Recording, protection from Network Fraud, Door Switches to protect from intruders and Panic Keys that, with the press of a button, alert all other phones that there is an emergency and where it is occurring.

Call Recording

MyCalls Call Recorder Store and playback calls, stop and start recording when taking payments and receive detailed call analysis for a quick resolution to disputes and for compliance.

Toll Fraud

Toll fraud, also known as phone hacking, can cost businesses thousands of pounds and even close businesses down.  Toll fraud occurs when calls are made to expensive locations by tapping into a telephone system, without the business being aware.  Southern Communications and NEC solutions guard you against these unnecessary costs.

Panic Keys and Announcements

Desktop telephones can be programmed with a one-button emergency key – alerts all other phones of an emergency including location/room it’s coming from and announcements can be broadcast company wide.

Electronic Door Switch

Connect door phones and electronic door locks that can be operated from any of your phones and protect your premises from intruders, without compromising the service offered to guests.

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