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Encompassing all methods of contact in a single point, UCB provides easy-to-use computer-integrated telecoms tools for all employees.

Your NEC telephone system integrates with existing Microsoft Outlook desktop clients, bringing a high level of additional telephony to every user with easy use and avoiding complexity.


Favourite contacts are allocated one-touch speed-dial icons on the UCB desktop by the user, easily from the contact and user directory. Right-click for status, left- click to call.


NEC UCB enables voicemail, email and fax to be unified within the Outlook application.Telephone messages can be played back via the PC or the desktop phone, depending on your location.UCB voicemail creates automatic greetings for all users. Callers are accurately informed of current and prospective availability (eg. “George Bond is out of the office, and will return at 8:30am”).

  • Presence Profiles – Pre-record up to 10 different greetings to handle standard scenarios such as ‘out of office’, ‘in a meeting’, ‘in the office’, etc
  • Voice Messaging Management – Password protected access to voice messages enables collection from any extension in the organisation or external location.
  • Personal & global distribution – Use global lists for access to system-wide and departmental groups, plus Personal lists for users’ own customised groups.



Users have useful information on the location and activities of colleagues, and are able to view the full working status of all other users within the organisation. User availability is shown (“At my Desk”, “Away from my Desk”) for all phone users and staff.

  • UCB presence monitors your mouse, keyboard and telephone. After a pre-configured period of inactivity you are considered to be away from your desk/phone.
  • You can request a return notification for any Presence user. This activates a screen-pop to notify when the person you wish to speak to becomes available.
  • Includes extra detail such as ‘Due back 2.30pm’, ‘Free until 10.30am’, ‘Lunch’, ‘Training’ etc. Provide additional notes, such as ‘at the Norwich office’.
  • If your current phone profile is set to ‘forwarded’ (eg. your phone is diverted to Voicemail) and you return to your desk, UCB detects your presence and gives you a reminder so you can update your Profile accordingly.
  • You can choose to display the subject of your current appointment for other users to view. This keeps receptionists informed of your phone status and availability.


Knowledge Worker

Knowledge Worker improves the productivity for all phone users by consolidating the management of calls & faxes with voicemail, staff presence and internal chat – all from the desktop PC


  • UCB Presence – Status of entire staff. Communicate with colleagues quickly and save time avoiding endless voicemails.
  • UCB Presence Profiles – Automatic changing of voicemail greetings with calendar items and activities. UCB Profile greetings are preselected or automatically assigned on creation of any Outlook calendar appointment and announced to the caller with your estimated time of return.
  • Control of telephone and fax – Manage all your communications from your PC without having to leave your desk.
  • Customised voicemail responses – Individual voicemail messages recorded for specific recognized callers. Enhances your customer service considerably.

Knowledge Worker can be embedded with Microsoft Outlook or can be a stand-alone software application.



Unified Messaging

Unified Messaging lets users access voice and fax messages within the email application, automatically synchronising Presence with Microsoft® Outlook or Lotus Notes Calendar.

Heavy users of email, telephone and fax messaging will experience a significant increase in productivity by eliminating time spent accessing multiple messaging applications. It’s ideal for employees that are away from the office, giving a single point of access for all their phone, email and fax messages.

  • Prioritise your messages – Access and respond to your voice and fax messages in any order directly from your email application.
  • Forward and distribute messages – Using standard email commands you can forward and distribute voice and fax messages to anyone with email.
  • Integration with Microsoft® Outlook or Lotus Notes – Voicemail Messaging greetings can be configured to automatically change with your Presence Profile to match scheduled events in your Calendar, and if you wish, your appointment can be displayed in other Knowledge Workers’ or Operator applications.
  • Ease of use – The user interface makes it easier to manage, keep track of and distribute voice and fax correspondence.


Executive Mobile

Staying responsive doesn’t have to mean being tied to your desk. You can access your favourite UCB features and functions from your mobile phone, so you can maintain your reachability while you’re on the move.

UCB’s Executive Mobile module consists of two complementary applications:

  • Cellular Application – Offering desktop functionality on your mobile phone.
  • Web Portal browser application – Provides alternative access to office communications for all your mobile workers from their home, hotel or laptop browser.
  • One contact number – Increase reachability with a single number wherever you are.
  • UCB Phonebook – Direct access to the company directory – no more multiple contact lists.
  • Presence – See a colleague’s availability in the office before you call – no more wasted time or phone tag. You can also remotely control your Presence availability information, to tell callers when you’re contactable or not.
  • Handset Transfer – Seamlessly transfer a call from your deskphone to your mobile with one easy click if you need to leave the office in a rush.
  • Access to messages – Voice messages, faxes and emails can all be retrieved from your mobile, plus the call history of your desk phones for missed calls.
  • SMS – Texting option available for in-house colleagues. Executive Mobile is an early adopters module

Stay in control of all your communications using a consistent interface on your desktop, inside your browser, and on your mobile phone.

Please note some features are subject to the mobile phone used.


UCB Operator Console

With Operator Console, receptionists are empowered to manage incoming calls more professionally and efficiently then ever, creating a better customer experience. They know who’s calling, who’s available to take the call, and who’s busy. They don’t keep callers waiting.

This enables a more personalised service where each caller is treated individually, and they get to speak to the right person more quickly. That means less time on hold, less voicemails, less ‘double handling’ and less frustration. As productivity dramatically increases, an operator becomes more cost effective. Reception staff are less likely to need back ups, can handle heavy call traffic, and can in some circumstances operate across multiple sites.

  • Screen-pops – Detailed caller ID information can be viewed before answering the call. This enables a more personal service such as greeting a caller by name, and responding more quickly to requests. Calls from top customers can also be prioritised.
  • Presence – Status of all staff is displayed on the operator’s PC, allowing them to take an individual approach to each call. Notification of the expected return time is also displayed.
  • One-touch dialing – Speeds up call control – with single-click transfers and hot buttons.
  • Message Management – Operators can review and re-distribute voice and fax messages collected in a entral mailbox to any users in the organisation without leaving their desks.
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) – Easy to use, your operators simply point and click or use hot keys to nswer, transfer, hold or make calls far quicker than traditional telephony.
  • Call recording – Simply click on the“Record” button while the caller is speaking. Each recorded conversation can then be directed to the appropriate person’s mailbox.



Executive Conference

Take conferencing to new levels of convenience, speed and user experience with UCB Executive Confencing.

The user-friendly drag-and-drop interface allows conferencing for up to 32 callers. Bring new attendees into a conference, split into private groups, move participants between private conversations and more – all with a click of the mouse.

  • Outlook integration – Emails can now be sent via Outlook with conference details, etc for efficient meeting requests, plus calendar integration.
  • See who’s talking – All conference attendees’ names appear on screen, the current speaker is highlighted and has an individual volume control.
  • Toaster pop reminders – Start your conferences on time.
  • Volume control – Adjustable for all individual attendees, ideal for eliminating background sound, etc
  • Click-to-record – Simple & secure recordings are saved as emailable MP3 files; these can be easily archived and retrieved.
  • Last-minute attendees can be added easily – even on mobile phones or from outside the office.



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