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NEC UCB Contact Centre

UCB Contact Centre provides real-time and historical information on how your business handles it’s customer calls.

UCB Contact Centre Advanced Call Centre Systems

View agent and queue activity levels and monitor the delivery of customer service through all media types, making it easy to enhance service levels and improve customer service.


A single agent may have multiple skills. Advanced routing systems enable companies to write rules to manage the complex priorities involved when customer satisfaction depends on the right mix of speed, skill and efficiency.

Advanced Automatic Contact Distribution (ACD)

Using incoming Calling line identification (CLID), UCB Contact Centre determines where the contact originated and searches the database for a match. If a match is found, the customer and their records can be automatically placed into priority queues, or sent to the agent who last dealt with the caller. Other examples include sending key customers, or other priority callers, to the front of the queue for faster service.

CT Control

Allows managers to maximise the efficiency of their contact centre and agents by giving them control over the delivery of all telephone, email, fax and web initiated requests.

Skills-based routing

Matching customers with the agents best equipped to help can increase satisfaction for both parties. Customers receive better service and highly skilled agents feel valued. Contacts can be routed to take advantage of a wide range of agent abilities including:

  • Special knowledge of a product or service
  • Experience with the customer
  • Special ability to close sales or resolve service problems
  • Language ability
  • Geographic location

Agent Desktop

Agents are provided with screen-pops with incoming calls. These present essential information including caller name and phone number, the queue the call is coming from, wait time,and any special notes if available.

Custom Announce

Reduces abandoned calls by providing callers with updated messages of their position in the queue. The built-in Auto Attendant also ensures they are put through to the most appropriate agent based on the info they have previously provided, eg their customer reference number.

Queue Callback

Allows contact centres to give their callers a choice – offering the option of an automated callback, eliminating the frustration of waiting in a queue. Callback also reduces the costs associated with callers holding on your inbound free-phone number.


Enables callers to use their touch tone telephones to request information. Callers can perform routine transactions and receive the information they require without the need to interact with a live agent, eg. ordering a parcel pickup from a delivery company. IVR can relieve live agents of routine work, increase productivity and boost customer satisfaction.

Multimedia Queueing

Delivers all communications to agents in the familiar way calls are delivered – via a queue. This not only allows for the fair distribution of work to appropriately skilled agents, but also allows managers to monitor and report on agent performance and response times.

Custom Reporting

An ideal labour-saving tool for generating business-critical reporting on all aspects of call centre activity. Fully customisable, up to 150 different types of reports are available, Custom Reporting is also compatible with existing third party report creation software.

UCB Record

Whether recording conversations to minimise RISK, for compliance requirements or to measure the Quality of Service offered by your Contact Centre – UCB Record provides an integrated solution to verify verbal transactions and use them to improve the customer experience.



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