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UCB Executive Conference

Take conferencing to new levels of convenience, speed and user experience with UCB Executive Confencing.

The user-friendly drag-and-drop interface allows conferencing for up to 32 callers. Bring new attendees into a conference, split into private groups, move participants between private conversations and more – all with a click of the mouse. Last-minute attendees can be added easily – even on mobile phones or from outside the office.


  • Outlook integration – Emails can now be sent via Outlook with conference details, etc for efficient meeting requests, plus calendar integration.
  • See who’s talking – All conference attendees’ names appear on screen, the current speaker is highlighted and has an individual volume control.
  • Toaster pop reminders – Start your conferences on time.
  • Volume control – Adjustable for all individual attendees, ideal for eliminating background sound, etc
  • Click-to-record – Simple & secure recordings are saved as emailable MP3 files; these can be easily archived and retrieved.

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