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NEC UCB Knowledge Worker

Knowledge Worker improves the productivity for all phone users.

Consolidate the management of phone calls & faxes with voicemail,staff presence and internal chat – all from the desktop PC.


The UCB Knowledge worker application can be embedded with the Microsoft Outlook Application or can be used as stand-alone software.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Screen-pops – Caller ID & caller information displayed enables calls to be answered more professionally and efficiently.
  • UCB Presence – Status of entire staff. Communicate with colleagues quickly and save time avoiding endless voicemails.
  • UCB Presence Profiles – Automatic changing of voicemail greetings with calendar items and activities. UCB Profile greetings are preselected or automatically assigned on creation of any Outlook calendar appointment and announced to the caller with your estimated time of return.
  • Control of telephone and fax – Manage all your communications from your PC without having to leave your desk.
  • Customised voicemail responses – Individual voicemail messages recorded for specific recognized callers. Enhances your customer service considerably.

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