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NEC UCB Presence

NEC UCB Presence provides users with useful information on the location and activities of colleagues.

View the full working status of all other users within the organisation. User availability is shown (“At my Desk”, “Away from my Desk”) for all phone users and staff.

  • UCB presence monitors your mouse, keyboard and telephone.After a pre-configured period of inactivity you are considered to be away from your desk/phone.
  • You can request a return notification for any Presence user. This activates a screen-pop to notify when the person you wish to speak to becomes available.
  • Includes extra detail such as ‘Due back 2.30pm’, ‘Free until 10.30am’, ‘Lunch’,’Training’ etc. Provide additional notes, such as ‘at the Norwich office’.
  • If your current phone profile is set to ‘forwarded’(eg. your phone is diverted to Voicemail) and you return to your desk, UCB detects your presence and gives you a reminder so you can update your Profile accordingly.
  • You can choose to display the subject of your current appointment for other users to view. This keeps receptionists informed of your phone status and availability.
  • Access to the company directory with Presence buttons for each contact enable one-touch speed-dialing of phone calls from the desktop.

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