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NEC UCB Unified Messaging

NEC UCB Unified Messaging lets users access voice and fax messages within the email application.

Automatically synchronise Presence with Microsoft® Outlook or Lotus Notes Calendar with NEC UCB Unified Messaging

Heavy users of email, telephone and fax messaging will experience a significant increase in productivity by eliminating time spent accessing multiple messaging applications. Unified Messaging is ideal for employees that are often away from the office, giving a single point of access for all their phone, email and fax messages.

Key features & benefits:

  • Prioritise your messages – Access and respond to your voice and fax messages in any order directly from your email application.
  • Forward and distribute messages – Using standard email commands you can forward and distribute voice and fax messages to anyone with email.
  • Manage your messages – Treat voice and fax messages the same way you would email messages by deleting, saving or archiving them into folders for record keeping.
  • Integration with Microsoft® Outlook or Lotus Notes – Voicemail Messaging greetings can be configured to automatically change with your Presence Profile to match scheduled events in your Calendar, and if you wish, your appointment can be displayed in other Knowledge Workers’ or Operator applications.
  • Ease of use – The user interface makes it easier to manage, keep track of and distribute voice and fax correspondence.

NEC UCB enables voicemail, email and fax to be unified within the Outlook application. Telephone messages can be played back via the PC or the desktop phone, depending on your location.

UCB voicemail creates automatic greetings for all users.Callers are accurately informed of current and prospective availability (eg. “George Bond is out of the office, and will return at 8:30am”).

  • Presence Profiles – Pre-record up to 10 different greetings to handle standard scenarios such as ‘out of office’, ‘in a meeting’, ‘in the office’, etc
  • Voice Messaging Management – Password protected access to voice messages enables collection from any extension in the organisation or external location.
  • Personal & global distribution – Use global lists for access to system-wide and departmental groups, plus Personal lists for users’ own customised groups.

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