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NEC Univerge 3C

UNIVERGE 3C is a complete, software-based unified communications and collaboration solution that redefines the way you communicate

The UNIVERGE 3C enables anywhere, anytime access and operates across premises, cloud or hybrid environments, ensuring business continuity through a single application platform.

A range of cost-effective and advanced features

Decrease business expenditure and improve individual productivity, responsiveness and accessibility when you implement the UNIVERGE 3C.This single software application platform delivers:

  • Fully functional IP-PBX
  • A complete set of voice features
  • Sophisticated unified communications (UC)
  • Collaboration applications

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Operate the 3C client application on an array of devices, wherever you are.

UC Client provides easy access to and management of all your communications.

Collaboration allows you to share documents and see participants.

UC Client allows you to set up an Instant Meeting/Chat  with a single click.




  • Rich Presence allows users to locate and identify another user’s availability and contact them on their preferred device.
  • Scheduled-Based Presence and Availability enables users to route calls to the most appropriate telephone– desk, mobile or home office – based on their schedule or specific rule they have set.
  • Unified Messaging enables instant access to email and voicemail messages from one inbox – messages can be retrieved from any location, using a desk phone, computer or mobile device.
  • Single Number/Single Mailbox Access saves users time by allowing them to combine mobile and office phone messages into a single mailbox, have a single phone number to distribute to customers and colleagues and transfer calls from their desk phone to their mobile device without interruption.
  • Microsoft® Office Outlook® Integration synchronises meeting calendars, diary and contact groups into user call functions along with unified messaging functionality.
  • Audio Conferencing enables users to easily set-up three- party conferences quickly.
  • Desktop Video Conferencing allows users to send, receive and manage video conferences (includes three-way video conferencing and integration into third party video devices i.e. conference video,e-presence, desktop video terminals).
  • Instant Messaging/Chat provides a communications alternative that is less-intrusive than phone or video conferencing and enables the quick exchange of information.
  • Softphone functionality allows employees to use their computers to send/receive calls, perform desktop video conferencing, and use advanced call forwarding and web- browser dialling.
  • Comprehensive voice, video and web collaboration– equips your employees with the tools they need to help them improve efficiency, lower spending by reducing the need for travel and stay informed. It enables:
    – Quick and easy access to meetings from multiple devices and applications – your desktop UC Client, Outlook calendar,iPads®, Android tablets, instant messaging/chat window plus more
    – Multiple-party video display, presentation/file sharing, white-boarding and remote controls
    – Users to select from multiple language and time zone choices
  • Online Smart Directories provide a desktop view of all extensions and availability within the enterprise.
  • Point-and-Click/Drag–and-Drop Call Management allows users to perform most call functions directly from the desktop.• Create Customised Automated IVR Messaging to enable callers to go through menu trees using Dual Tone Multiple Frequencies (DTMF) to get information – speeding up processes and saving money.
  • Automated Attendant provides reliable 24×7 call routing which allows callers to reach the appropriate person using speech interface or DTMF – freeing up resources to work on other projects.
  • State-of-the Art Speech Recognition provides users with an intuitive speech interface that easily allows them, through simple voice commands, to manage their calendar and contacts, dial contacts by stating their name, and perform hands-free call transfer plus more. (Optional)
  • Interactive Call Screening offers users a virtual personal assistant which announces the caller and lets users choose to accept, acknowledge or transfer the call. (Optional)
  • Call Recording can be accomplished either on-demand or using preset automation. Recordings can be saved to a local directory or automatically placed on remote resources(servers and/or storage Area Networks – SANs), for greater control. (Optional)
  • Plus much more…



Mobile & Remote Workers

UNIVERGE 3C’s softphone is an invaluable endpoint option for mobile and remote users and offers them many of the same features they have come to expect from their desktop phone. It turns a networked PC into a virtual business telephone, which allows travellers and telecommuters to take their phone extensions with them to other locations. It works remotely without a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to enable users to work from any location. It also can be used as an alternative for a desktop phone.
Mobile telecoms apps

  • The UC Client works on a wide variety of mobile devices, tablets and laptops, to provide universal services access to all of its productivity-enhancing features from any location at any time. Apple, Windows and Android operating systems are supported.
  • Call twinning is supported to help extend a user’s reach without having to set extensive call forwarding rules. A user,through the UC client, can easily configure their phone to ring one or multiple devices at the same time, including mobile and wireless devices.
  • Works with NEC’s fixed mobile convergence uMobility™ solution to provide seamless roaming on and off campus– calls can be transparently bridged from your business’s Wi-Fi to cellular networks and back again via a Smartphone. (Optional)
  • Wireless LAN and IP DECT terminals are supported on UNIVERGE 3C as IP clients on the system for in-building roaming capabilities to ensure that important calls are never missed.


Reliability & Security

NEC understands the mission-critical nature of all your communications services. If your communications are down– your business shuts down! By choosing UNIVERGE 3C, you are choosing a communications platform that delivers continuous high availability and disaster recovery with unmatched security, scalability, interoperability and reliability.

UNIVERGE 3C, as part of an open, mission-critical communications infrastructure, is a distributed software application that can operate on centralised or remote etworked servers, with no one server acting as a single point of failure. (There is no charge to run an additional instance of UNIVERGE 3C on a dedicated or virtual server.) This provides an organisation with redundancy and reliability in the event of network outages. This also minimises hardware costs because shared processing and load balancing provides maximum system availability, enabling one 3C system to support up to 30,000 ports.

Security and risk mitigation are top-of-mind in most organisations. UNIVERGE 3C provides you with the latest encryption and security protocols that are available today. With HTTPS connectivity for UC Clients and SIP connectivity that includes SRTP and TLS standard security protocols, you can be assured that your communications and conversations are secure. UNIVERGE 3C takes security even a step further by meeting the stringent security requirements of the United States Department of Defence DoD).

UNIVERGE 3C has received Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) certification and meets the DoD’s strict security, compliance and regulatory requirements. The ITC certification also means that UNIVERGE 3C meets critical interoperability requirements and achieves ‘five nines’ (99.999%) reliability.


Investment Protection: One Software Application

As a single comprehensive unified communications and collaboration application, UNIVERGE 3C provides all of the functionality and services that your organisation needs.It alleviates the need for multiple vendors, servers and applications and the issues that are inherent with integrating everything into a seamless solution. It simplifies your experience by reducing complexity and costs.

This single application also delivers all of this functionality through a single user license. This user license model immediately grants access to all of 3C’s high value features and capabilities without any hidden or additional costs. This approach allows for easy coordination of multiple devices (IP, video, conference, home or remote office phones and mobile devices) that are connected to any user. It enables a common set of features to be extended to any device – maximising a user’s productivity.

Additionally, this dynamic software-based solution will forever be current and always provide you with compelling new features through simple software updates. Keeping your system current is a matter of simply upgrading one single platform that covers all the features, applications, and UC and collaboration services (Voicemail (VM), Unified Messaging (UM), collaboration tools, mobility solutions, voice/video/web conferencing, etc…) that are included in UNIVERGE 3C. It’s that easy!

Also, with NEC’s Software Assurance program, you will receive technical assistance and software upgrades free of charge.UNIVERGE 3C – the choice is easy! The flexibility and capabilities that it can bring to your organisation are unmatched and its ability to grow with your business ensures that your investment is protected.



Multi-Privilige System Management Tools

UNIVERGE 3C provides a comprehensive set of tools to help manage, maintain and monitor your organisation’s system.It includes an easy-to-use GUI (client or web) that supports a wide range of capabilities.

Different privileges can be set for administrators and moves, adds and changes can easily be done via a web-browser. Flexible number planning, call accounting, rights-based security, and Class-of-Service profiles are just some of its extensive feature set.

Also included in UNIVERGE 3C is a powerful reporting tool that analyses call performance, tracks call volume and monitors resource usage.

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