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Plessey Siemens ISDX

Why Upgrade your Plessey / Siemens ISDX?

We have been replacing ISDX phone systems for over 15 years with efficient, feature-rich and future-proof telephone systems, incorporating the latest telecoms technology.

Here’s why you should think seriously at upgrading your ISDX system:

You’re paying too much on ISDX maintenance

Cost of Maintenance Maintenance costs are usually high with ISDX telephone systems. So high in fact, that the cost of buying a completely new telephone system can be reconciled within three years. If you decide to lease your system over 3 or 5 years, you’ll reduce your phone system costs right away.

The cost of call-outs and ISDX ownership is getting too high

Cost of Ownership Most modern phone systems can either be administered by your own in-house staff, or via remote diagnostics with fast turn-around times for alterations and re-programming. Modern phone systems need fewer call-outs and extra hardware such as phones and system cards cost far less than ISDX equipment and are easiier to obtain

You can communicate better with modern telecoms functionality

Improve Functionality Modern phone systems with VoIP and CTI technology have many more user-friendly functions and applications available. As well as saving money, you can revolutionise the way your business communicates.

You shouldn’t have to search or wait for spares.

Spares Availability Spares and replacement parts for the Plessey ISDX and Siemens Realitis are beginning to become difficult to obtain, and cost much more than equivalent items for modern phone systems.

It shouldn’t be difficult to find someone to fix your phone system

Engineering Expertise As the ISDX gets older, expertise in supporting, maintaining and configuring it becomes more and more scarce. Response times rise and you pay a premium for services which are fewer and in higher demand.

Adding the latest technology shouldn’t cost the earth.

Latest Technology The cost of adding the latest technology such as VoIP and Unified Messaging to the Plessey ISDX can often be as much as a complete new system, or worse may not be possible at all.

There should be a clear and easy path for upgrading

Expensive Upgrades Upgrading the ISDX to support new protocols can also be difficult and costly, for example upgrading your ISDN30 DASS card to the new ISDN30E protocol.

Using and adding new technology should be easy

Future proofing All of our telephone systems are compatible with VoIP, CTI, SIP and other modern telecoms technologies and standards


Southern Communications have over 50 years experience in the communications industry and have expertise and manufacturer accreditations across a wide range of telephone systems and services.

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