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Telephone Systems for Schools and Colleges

Teacher Telephony

It is easier than ever to integrate Teachers, without the need for supplying them with dedicated physical telephones throughout the school premises.

Telephone Sharing

Central locations such as department offices and staff rooms allow teachers and staff to access telephony. NEC’s VoIP phones are a “hot-desking” telephones, that allow several teachers and heads of departments to share a single telephone within a departmental office.

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Advancements in voicemail and messaging technologies now allow busy school receptionists to transfer callers to Teacher voicemail services, even though the teachers don’t use dedicated telephones.

Teachers can now have access to voicemail facilities without having a telephone extension, or direct telephone number.

New voicemail messages can be sent to the Teacher via the school’s email system, without the teacher using a telephone. Remote access technology also allows teachers and staff to collect voicemail messages when away from school, via thier mobile telephones.

All of our school telephone systems support voicemail-email integration. New message notification appears as a new email with caller details in the subject line.

Easy message play back

An integrated message player allows the teacher to listen to the message either via the PC or laptop, or using a desktop telephone.

Centralised Messaging

Centralised locations such as school staff rooms and departmental offices can be used for teacher message notification, either via Plasma LCD displays or LED/Busy-lamp consoles. Teachers can then access thier voicemail messages from any telephone on the school’s phone system.

VoIP Softphone Technology

If you decide to deploy VoIP telecoms technology for your school or college phone system, you will be able to use VoIP softphones for selected teachers and staff. The VoIP softphone application is loaded onto the laptop, transforming it into a fully integrated system telephone. No physical telephone is required. As long as the laptop has LAN connectivity, telephone communications can take place.