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School Attendance & Information Phone Lines

Automated answering and messaging services can improve services to staff and parents, and reduce school telephone and telephonist workload.

Reporting Absentees

Filter absentee calls away from busy school receptionists.

Parents and staff can report absentees via an automated service with pre-recorded greetings and voice prompts. The absentee messages can then be sent to an administrator via flashing LED lights on the handset and/or via email messages.

Emergency, School Trip & Information Services

Using direct-dial technology, pre-recorded messages can be played to parents who call the “Information” number.

A minibus information service can be used to update callers on anticipated time of return, useful when trips are delayed. Messages can be recorded & changed remotely via mobile phone when away from the school, handy during school closures.

Bullying Lines

Using a dedicated direct-dial telephone number, set up a confidential school bullying line. Inbound calls are directed straight to a dedicated voicemail box and the resulting messages are passed to an administrator via email and/or the desk telephone.