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Schools Lockdown

How effective is your school Lockdown procedure?

Push just one button to Broadcast preset or live audio messages

  • Ensure clear communication to control Lockdown
  • Keep everyone safe with security notifications from secret signals to protect staff and students during Invacuation
  • Broadcast clearly to classrooms, corridors and playgrounds, from school phones or mobiles with voice paging
  • Scheduled bells, tones and announcements
  • Play Background music

When reviewing your school’s lock-down provision, your tannoy system is a good place to start. Southern Communications  can set up a tannoy system, to reach classrooms and outside areas, easily controlled through your telephone system in the event of complete or partial Lockdown.

Many situations could trigger a Lockdown and it is important to be prepared.


  • An intruder on the school premises
  • A threatening telephone call
  • A disturbance in the local community
  • A danger on or near the school premises
  • A warning off an air pollution of chemical, biological or radiological contaminants risk

There is little that can be done to prevent an attack, so it is vital that schools are prepared. Having efficient communication systems and clear evacuation and lockdown procedures in place will give you peace of mind that you are doing all you can to keep your pupils and staff safe.

Procedures and testing


Every school will have a fire evacuation procedure. But not all have a documented and tested lockdown procedure, putting staff and pupils at risk. Testing procedures, such as Lockdown and Fire drills prevent unnecessary alarm when a real situation occurs.

Southern Communications provide all you need to make sure you have an effective Lockdown process.

What a Lockdown process may look like;-


  • A pre-recorded alarm and message is played from the tannoy
  • All outside activity stops immediately and pupils and staff to return to the building (there needs to be a means of communicating the alert to staff on break duty)
  • Pupils clear the corridors and report to the nearest classroom
  • Pupils move away from windows and get under the tables
  • Pupils are told to stay as silent as possible
  • Teachers lock their classroom doors
  • Lights are turned off
  • Window shutters are pulled down (to prevent any intruders from seeing in)
  • Pupils and staff await further instructions through the tannoy
  • Parents are informed



Do you currently have the appropriate equipment and infrastructure in place to support your Lockdown plan? The following checklist might help you to ensure you are fully equipped to carry out your Lockdown procedure:

  • A lockdown tannoy system which can cover all classrooms and outside areas
  • Encrypted call recording (in the event of a verbal threat)
  • Door entry systems to con
  • Physical Security Measures (a paging/man-down system)


At Southern Communications, we understand that every school has different needs, and we are committed to helping our customers to find the solution that works best for them and their pupils. If you would like to book a free telecoms consultation, please click the button below to get in touch today