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Service Protect

Helping minimise the issues

What is Service Protect?


Maintaining your communications equipment is essential.

Service Protect takes your level of support one step further than our maintenance contracts, which include software upgrades and go a long way towards the preventing your business from becoming a victim of fraud.

Service protect addresses issues caused where data, networks and telephony provided by multiple suppliers become part of a converged solution.  No more long discussions between multiple providers,  unclear demarcation points and confusion around where the fault actually lies.

Specialist support teams help our customers identify where a problem lies, across multiple products provided by us and other service providers. Communicating with your suppliers on your behalf and keeping you updated all the way, we are able to resolve issues quickly, save our customers from having to liaise between multiple providers and get a quicker fault resolution.

Take a look below on how it works.


What does it include?

  • Resolution of fault or issue up to SCL provided demarcation point
  • Further investigation into a non maintained PBX fault
  • Interrogation and review of existing local network, switches & servers in a fault scenario
  • Review and fault finding on customer supplied/3rd party firewalls & routers
  • Fault investigation and review of wireless access points
  • Investigations into 3rd party provider SIP, Data and Hosted products that are part of the customers overall solution
  • Guaranteed engineering visit date provided within 8 working hours of Service Protect being invoked
  • Access to specialist engineering resource to resolve a fault for a 40 hour period per annum
  • Best practice advice & recommendations on a customers overall solution to resolve a fault or performance issue

How can you apply?

Get in touch with our friendly team to see how you can apply