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About Splicecom

SpliceCom was founded in 2001 by the management and key personnel behind the two most successful UK voice and data convergence companies of the 1990’s – SDX Business Systems and Network Alchemy.

splicecom_logoCEO/Managing Director Sean Harding was the founder of both ISDN Router specialist Scorpion Logic and Network Alchemy, where he was supported by Product Marketing Director Robin Hayman.

SpliceCom co-founders Frank Bretherton and Jeremy Cooke grew SDX from a loss-making business to nearly £60m turnover in 7 years, floating on the UK Stock Market in 1996. SDX were subsequently acquired by Lucent Technologies for £124m.


 SDX + Network Alchemy = Splicecom

With a clean sheet of paper on which to design a modern telephone system, SpliceCom takes advantage of the latest innovations in silicon based technology to deliver up-to-the-minute advances in customer handling and interaction.

These benefits have previously only been within the reach of Blue Chip organisations with large budgets that are a pre-requisite for the system integration required to make this possible. Needless to say, SpliceCom have not suffered from the design and marketing handicaps imposed on traditional PBX manufacturers, allowing them to deliver a system which is capable of combining information, be it by voice, video or web-enabled IT applications to deliver unique and tangible business benefits in a cost-effective manner.

VoIP Market Share

June 2009 – Chorleywood, UK: SpliceCom, the IP convergence company whose award winning maxmiser Unified Communications platform combines voice, video, IP TV and web enabled IT applications at the desktop, today announced that their record sales levels in the three month period ending 31st March 2009 had provided the British company with year-on-year growth in a declining market. In figures recently published by leading market analysts MZA, SpliceCom has also increased its share of the UK Pure IP PBX* market to 18.4%, its highest ever.

SpliceCom’s impressive year-on-year performance when comparing Q.1 2008 with Q.1 2009 saw the company increase shipments of maximiser by 14% against an overall PBX market which declined by 38% over the same period. The total number of new PBXs shipped during Q.1 2009 was the lowest recorded since the start of MZA’s quarterly reporting service in 2002. Commenting on SpliceCom’s performance CEO Sean Harding said, ”The impressive growth we’ve witnessed in our year-on-year UK sales has been echoed by our expanding International business.

There’s no doubt that the availability of the new PCS 560 & PCS 570 IP handsets have proved to be tremendous “door openers” for our channel partners, but the hard work still has to be done to close deals and win the business, particularly in the tough economic climate that’s been reflected in the overall MZA figures.”

“It’s interesting that the sole British manufacturer of business telephone systems is one of only two vendors to have beaten the market trend by increasing system shipments over the past 12 months, whilst our major competitors have seen their PBX sales shrink by 35% to 50% over the same period. In addition, to being the only PBX vendor for whom the UK is the primary market,maximiser allows us to deliver exceptional value for money, providing modern, scalable, feature rich systems at a competitive price point. And their appeal is extremely broad; there is no such thing as a typical maximiser customer. Finally, our clear channel strategy ensures that our products are not over distributed. This allows our partners to win business whilst retaining margin and so provide first class support to their customers. Separately, all of these things are important, but they become even more so when times are tough. Add the flexibility, reliability and investment protection offered by maximiser and you can see why we and our channel partners have been building our joint sales success in 2009 at the expense of the competition. Our recent launch of SpliceCom Vision, a web based application suite with its focus on maximising business performance, shows that we’re planning for things to stay that way,” concluded Harding.

MZA is a leading international analyst company focusing on delivering timely market insight into the development of the UK and global voice communications market place. The UK Quarterly PBX/IP PBX shipment tracker is part of MZA’s Global quarterly reporting service.


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