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Splicecom Disaster Recovery Backup Service

ReStor - Splicecom Disaster Recovery

Our FREE ReStor service for Splicecom systems will automatically backup your entire system and send a copy of this directly to Southern Communications storage servers.

This is achieved by utilizing the FTP functionality that is built into the Splicecom telephone system and will ensure that, in the event of a complete system crash, we will always have a version of your configuration and voicemail that will be a maximum of 2 weeks old.

Your Splicecom system backup is automatically performed on the 1st and 16th of every month at approximately 2am, although we reserve the right to change these times and dates.

All we need is for your IT manager or IT provider to safely alter your firewall or security settings to enable the system backups to take place. Contact us to discuss support services for all Splicecom Maximiser phone system models and equipment.


If you are looking for a new phone system maintenance provider, please let us provide a quote. Just call our Support Departmenton 01256 391 078, or email us


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