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Call logging and Recording

Monitor and Manage your Business Communications

SpliceCom Vison suite includes all the information you need to monitor and manage your business wih applications for Call Recording, Call Logging, Live Statistics and Mobility.

Reports provide an in-depth view of your company communications

  • Accurate call loggingsplicecom-vision-reports
  • Create reports to show what you want to see
  • Schedule reports to run automatically and have delivered by email
  • Call Performance, Cost Analysis and Capacity Planning Reports
  • Full detailed call logs
  • Graphical Representation for Clarity


Call Recording

Splicecom Vision Call Recording provides businesses with a host of benefits and is integrated with Vision call logging which enables calls to be easily search for and played back.

  • Automatic or Manual Call Recording
  • Click and Playsplicecom_abandoned_calls
  • A Great Training Resource
  • Helpful in Resolving Disputes
  • Used to meet Regulatory Requirements

Splicecom Vision allows each leg of the call to be recorded separately, no matter how many times the call is transferred and be displayed in the Splicecom reports grouped together, for ease of reference