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VoIP Phone Systems

Since 1999 people have talked about VoIP as the next telecoms technology and now it is here and the businesses are adopting VoIP faster than ever.

What is VoIP?

VoIP has been with us for more than 10 years, and is becoming increasingly popular due to the flexibility offered.  VoIP allows the phones to share the same cabling and network infrastructure as the office computers, making them easier and cheaper to install and manage.

Connecting telephones to computer networks enables software applications and multi-media communications to be delivered to the desk handset, and most of the advanced telephone handsets available enable you to see who’s at the front door, hold a video conference and check Facebook.

When buying a VoIP phone system for many it is not about the advanced features of the handset as these can generally be accessed via your computer.  For most it is the advantages of VoIP technology, the cost savings and flexibility it offered and the ease of a single network for voice and computer networks, your common option would be to install “standard” handsets; identical in look, feel and operation to traditional digital business phones. So what’s the advantage of VoIP then? See above. It’s just plumbing.

VOIP Telephone Systems

NEC VoIPA number of business telephone systems are now 100% VoIP compatible, however, many still enable you to use your phones and computers separately, it just means that these new phone systems support digital, analogue and VoIP phones simultaneously, keeping options open, costs down and allowing migration to VoIP when it’s required.


Avaya VoIPWhen using VoIP for the first time, it is important to consider the effects of combining voice and data networks.

Computers sending big files to each other can disrupt phone calls trying to use the same network and it is important that the IT department understand the needs of both telephony and computers to avoid accidentally switching off telecoms because they forgot the phones were one the network

In the past, phone system engineers have scratched heads over thousands of fault calls from angry customers, because the IT manager had been making some network changes or put in new equipment that took down the phones.
Splicecom VoIP


VoIP in Business

VoIP is now a fully accepted way of operating a business telecoms set-up.

Most networking equipment supports VoIP and computers and phones co-exist in harmony on the same secure and managed computer networks.

Computer network within businesses are hermetically sealed, managed and secure. Everything is set up and locked down. , Data comes in and out via gateways, protocols, ports, proxies and passwords. All items are labelled, predictable and in their proper place, making it easy for the IT manager to notice if anything is not working as it should. The NEC VoIP hybrid system is the UK’s most flexible and advanced business phone system with complete VoIP, SIP and TDM hybrid technology blending.

Using the Internet

The Internet was originally designed as a data network and now, due to the increase in bandwidth available in many cases it is perfectly suitable for voice traffic,

Carrying voice calls over the internet is cost effective. Connections (referred to as SIP) are cheaper and calls are often FREE.

Home workers can now benefit from using a single connection for voice and data, reducing the need for a second line and being able to provide the quality of call expected from a voice service.

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